Life Skills Development and Recreation

To be successful individual in the current scenario it is extremely important to have life skills. For this BSC provides the feeling of being in a close community which helps the students learn the life skills, social norms & rules of living in a society.

a. Clubs & Activity: BSC has formed various clubs that have many activities to hone the creative talent in the students. Painting, Literary activities, photography, public speaking, dramatics, music, dance are few of the leisure activities of these clubs. Each club has an identity, style and agenda of its own. These activities under the guidance of the experienced people provide a proper channel for creative thinking and act as safety release for bottled up emotions and inculcate positive attitude.

b. Leadership & Interpersonal Skills: Various educational & recreational activities are regular part of BSC which enable students to develop bond among them and develop inter-personal skills, Leadership, value of sharing, caring, teamwork, collaboration and co-ordination.

c. Imagination & Creativity: The process of learning at BSC includes various events & project works that challenge students imagination and creativity. When the students combine the knowledge gained at CPG with his creative power, they can do things in a novel way.

d. Independence & Initiatives: BSC strongly believes in disciplined and a strict daily routine, but at the same time, the students have the independence to work, explore and research using their imagination & creativity. The students are allowed to take initiatives for various tasks that enable them to set an example amongst their schoolmates. They are allowed to pursue hobbies and do things independently.

e. Family & Community: BSC is a 'second home’ for children where they live in a family of classmates, friends, teachers; learn amidst natural environment yet fully equipped classrooms and grow to become what they want to be in life.  

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