Benefits of Day Boarding

Benefits of Day Boarding

Today, many parents are opting for day boarding schools for their children. Day boarding schools seem to be a great option if both parents work and live in a nuclear family. If the concept of day boarding school isn’t clear to you, continue reading to find out. 

What is a day boarding school?

In a day boarding school, students remain in the school for extended hours after their normal school hours are over. Day boarders have their meals at school and participate in various activities. But students do not stay overnight, so boarding and day boarding schools are different. 

Sometimes, day boarders are even allotted a space to study in the boarding house. However, they are not provided a bedroom. So, students return to their families in the evening. 

Day boarding schools provide a unique approach to education, and it is different from regular public or private schools. Besides encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities and challenging academic pursuits, these schools provide day boarders the opportunity to learn in a community. Therefore, students are driven towards personal growth through exploration and discovery. 

The benefits of day boarding schools 

  • Day boarding schools are a fantastic option for working parents because they can work in peace knowing their child is safe

Class activities, homework, and other school assignments are taken care of by the teachers at a day boarding school, and parents don’t have to worry about it. Also, day boarders remain in school for extended hours, so working parents know their child is safe in a secure environment. When children return home from school, the entire time can be dedicated to bonding with them instead of helping them with school homework. Therefore, it is a boon for parents who work late and don’t have much time to devote to their children. 

  • Day boarders have the opportunity to engage in diverse activities with other students 

In a day boarding school, children learn in a community. Other students stay back after regular school hours are over, and all of them get engaged in completing school assignments or participating in athletics and sports. They can also engage in community services or arts. From outdoor and indoor games to visual arts and performing arts, day boarding schools offer a wide range of extended facilities to keep children occupied. 

  • Students enjoy individual attention in a day boarding school to clear their doubts or complete their homework 

Since all the students don’t stay back during the extended hours, the classes are small. Therefore, teachers can give personalized attention to each student. The classrooms are specifically designed to encourage students to participate in learning activities. That’s one of the primary reasons parents prefer sending their children to day boarding schools because it gives them the time and freedom to take care of their duties in a better way. Also, children get the attention they deserve in the day boarding school. 

  • Students are encouraged to learn a new skill or stay engaged in varied activities

Students are provided ample opportunities to develop and hone their skills in a day boarding school. During those extended hours, the students are under the expert supervision of trained coaches in a secure and safe environment. So, the child’s time is spent productively as they get to choose the after-school activity of their choice. They don’t have to waste time traveling to various sports, hobbies, or tuition classes. Children can learn what they need at the day boarding school in Agra and go home to spend quality time with their parents and family members. 

  • Day boarding schools are less expensive than other options to keep your child engaged 

If both parents are working and there is nobody at home to take care of the child, they have to spend money on hiring someone or send their child to various classes. These expenses can add up and can be quite expensive in the long run. The best alternative is to send your child to a day boarding school where they will be occupied for extended hours after the normal school hours are over. Also, they will learn various skills, get assistance to complete their homework, and remain under the supervision of expert teachers.

Furthermore, the expenses of sending your child to a day boarding school are less than sending your child to a boarding school. So, if budget is a constraint at the moment, you can choose a day boarding school.

  • Students are served nutritious, healthy meals in a day boarding school

Day boarders are served a balanced meal when they stay back after normal school hours. The food served is freshly prepared, and it helps students develop good eating habits. They are also taught good dining etiquette.

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