School of Competition Concept

Baluni School of Competition Concept

Experience the joy of learning at Baluni School Of Competition where learning is all around. Life at the campus is like a small new world with friendly people and every day here comes with a lesson for life. Be the best version of yourself with us and fill your world with the happiness you deserve.

Baluni School Of Competition has a lush green campus extended over a large area with emblematic architecture. Our campus is furnished with all the essential amenities that make you feel like a home away from home. Take a glimpse at the facilities which ensure your pleasant stay at the Baluni School Of Competition.

BSC follows a well-defined path to achieve its mission which includes -

  1. - Excellent School Education
  2. - Preparation for various competitive exams
  3. - Life-Skills & personality development
  4. - Recreation & Sports Academy for mental & physical development
  5. - Day Boarding & Residential Facilities

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